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Music Suggestion No.1 As you may know, I’ve started to write a series of music history posts on the blog called “The story of music”. Here there will be a series of music suggestions to listen to. Though these will be independent posts, these posts will be written by the same order (as the story of music) […]

Beethoven’s third Symphony ‘Eroica’ op.55 (First movement)

Introduction: Beethoven writes a letter to his friend in 1802 and mentions that he is not satisfied with his works so far (says Romain Rolland 1); what was going on? Yes, he was preparing to fly the music to new boundaries, during and even before the composition of 3rd symphony he was searching for ways […]

Music Suggestions to listen to

In this Part, I will provide some of the best works by various music composers, and its score (or a link to its score). In addition to some listening guides and perhaps articles about the work and/or a brief biography of the composer. The purpose of doing this is that not only you will enjoy […]