How to Choose The Right Guitar Fingering

When learning or performing a piece, we may have the option to play certain passages or chords in different positions, with different fingerings. But which one is the right one? Each position has its pros and cons, challenges, unique tone, timbre and sonority. One can easily get lost in the interpretation and details. Therefore, it… Read More How to Choose The Right Guitar Fingering


Beethoven’s third Symphony ‘Eroica’ op.55 (First movement)

Introduction: Beethoven writes a letter to his friend in 1802 and mentions that he is not satisfied with his works so far (says Romain Rolland 1); what was going on? Yes, he was preparing to fly the music to new boundaries, during and even before the composition of 3rd symphony he was searching for ways… Read More Beethoven’s third Symphony ‘Eroica’ op.55 (First movement)