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Pop Music and Societal Context

The societal context started to shape the music development, mostly, after the World War II (1945). The massive migration of southern musicians and audiences to urban areas in 1940s and the introduction of Electric guitar set the stage for hard edged Chicago blues of Muddy Waters, hard-country of Hank Williams and in mid-1950s the rock-n-roll […]

Paco de Lucia Plays Solea

Gary Moore Wallpaper

Gary Moore

Daniel Barenboim Plays Pathétique Sonata (1st mov.)

Daniel Barenboim is a famous pianist and conductor. Because of his musicality, creative approaches and ofcourse his technique, he is among the best pianists and conductors. He has written various books, and held many masterclasses around the world.

Canadian Reel by Remi Boucher

Remi Boucher is a Canadian classical guitarist. No doubt he is a virtuoso, and one of the most creative guitarists ever.

Beethoven’s third Symphony ‘Eroica’ op.55 (First movement)

Introduction: Beethoven writes a letter to his friend in 1802 and mentions that he is not satisfied with his works so far (says Romain Rolland 1); what was going on? Yes, he was preparing to fly the music to new boundaries, during and even before the composition of 3rd symphony he was searching for ways […]

Music Suggestions to listen to

In this Part, I will provide some of the best works by various music composers, and its score (or a link to its score). In addition to some listening guides and perhaps articles about the work and/or a brief biography of the composer. The purpose of doing this is that not only you will enjoy […]