Skype lessons

I am now teaching students who are living in different parts of the world via Skype – in English, French, Farsi and Turkish languages, and it is working very well.


Do you:

– have limited access to good teachers where you live?

– have a busy schedule or travel frequency?

– want to ensure a strong foundation with a highly qualified, experienced and resourceful teacher?

– want a more professional help and advice than you can currently receive from private local teachers?

All you need to have is an internet connection, a guitar, webcam, headphone/ speaker and a microphone. The exercises and pieces that you need to work on will be sent to you via email or other ways that you might prefer. On the other hand, you can send me a recording of you playing the pieces and exercises before the beginning of our Skype session or play live on Skype. Then we will be able to discuss the ways that you can improve technically and musically, and find the best ways that work for you.

I teach Classical, Flamenco and Acoustic Guitars, and I am open to all kind of musical styles.

I have a Licentiate Diploma (BA) in Teaching Classical Guitar from the University of West London. I am a passionate teacher, and enjoy working with a wide age range (currently from 5 to 60) and a variety of levels (from beginner to advanced). Moreover, if you are preparing for international examination board assessments (such as London College of Music, Trinity College, ABRSM, etc.), an audition, or a recital, I would be able to help you succeed.

Other than Guitar lessons, I teach Music Theory, Music Analysis, and Music Composition. Importantly, I use graded curriculum with students. This method helps the students to learn the instrument in a systematic way. This way, they can benefit from a faster learning pace and enjoy the sense of progress, and ultimately, become better musicians.

Please feel free to contact me for more details.

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