Here are testimonials from some of my students:

Daniel from Indonesia (student of online lessons):

Passed LCM classical guitar grade 5 with distinction.

Arash is a really good teacher. He is appreciative, friendly, kind, and very patient. He provides lessons in a relaxing atmosphere that promotes self-confidence and comfortability while playing guitar. He also provides interesting advice and techniques that (with practice) help me effectively in making my guitar sing. regards, Daniel Worang

Vedran from Montenegro (student of online lessons):

I’m Vedran Galicic, 16 years old. I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with Arash Ahmadi. Online lessons are a new experience for me, and this type of lecture works great. I would like to add that Professor Ahmadi is a great professor, from whom I have learned many new things. I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve to choose Professor Ahmadi. Best regards, Vedran.

Jane from England (student of online lessons):

Arash is a natural born teacher. After every lesson, I feel like I have become a better guitarist both from technical and musicianship points of view. He not only demonstrates the correct techniques but also explains the reasons. Arash also provides helpful exercises (some of which are his own) that help me improve faster.

Jack from the USA (student of online lessons):

Arash has a very creative approach to teaching guitar and cares about the education progress of his students. Honestly, I didn’t feel like I was improving much with my previous local teachers, so I decided to try online lessons and it turned out much better than I expected! To my surprise I found out that there is not much difference between online and in person lessons. In fact, I feel like I am more comfortable with the online lessons now. I recommend Arash with enthusiasm and without reservation.