Julian Bream Passed Away

Julian Bream (1933 – 2020) had inspired many people, musicians, especially guitarists. He will be continuing his journey in another form and dimension. His recordings made him immortal. He was known for his big palette of colors and his outstanding interpretations on classical guitar and lute. Also, he had commissioned many composers namely Lennox Berkeley… Read More Julian Bream Passed Away


Tárrega, Paco de Lucia & History of the Guitar

Francisco Tárrega (1852-1909) was the influential Spanish composer and guitarist of the romantic era. Back in those days, not everybody believed in the potentials of the guitar and it was more common to compose for instruments like piano and violin. Francisco Tárrega has greatly influenced the development of the “classical” guitar by the etudes, studies… Read More Tárrega, Paco de Lucia & History of the Guitar

Malagueña Arr. For Classical Guitar

Classical guitar’s repertoire consists of pieces that have been written by composers of different nationalities. Even great composers who never really wrote anything for the instrument were thinking very highly of the guitar. “The guitar is an orchestra in itself”, Beethoven. “Nothing is more beautiful than a guitar, except, possibly two”, Chopin. However, classical guitar… Read More Malagueña Arr. For Classical Guitar