Malagueña Arr. For Classical Guitar

Classical guitar’s repertoire consists of pieces that have been written by composers of different nationalities. Even great composers who never really wrote anything for the instrument were thinking very highly of the guitar. “The guitar is an orchestra in itself”, Beethoven. “Nothing is more beautiful than a guitar, except, possibly two”, Chopin.

The Spanish Guitarist 1897 - Pierre Auguste Renoir
The Spanish Guitarist 1897 – Pierre Auguste Renoir

However, classical guitar seems to be more associated  with the Spanish music. We have a rich Spanish section in the repertoire. One of the reasons seems to be the importance of the guitar in flamenco music. Although flamenco guitar is slightly different in construction and sound from the classical guitar, there is no difference in terms of the range and the potential of the instrument. The Spanish composers were either guitarists themselves or had a good knowledge of the instrument.

On the other hand, flamenco guitar used to be very limited. It was widely used to accompany singers and play rhythmic passages and less about a solo performance. (But thanks to some latter guitarists like Francisco Sanchez Gomez “Paco de Lucia”, that has changed). Therefore, the right hand techniques have been very different for classical and flamenco guitars. Yet gradually, some traditional flamenco music was arranged for classical guitar. As it was welcomed, classical guitarists showed more interest to learn some of the flamenco right hand techniques to some extent, to sound as Spanish as they could.  “Rasgueado” is one of those popular techniques which comes in different kinds and types.

Here is my arrangement of the popular and fun to play “Malagueña” for classical guitar, at a medium level of difficulty and in standard notation. I hope you enjoy playing it.



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