Self Growth & Development Through Learning Music

Learning an instrument can teach us lessons about life and ourselves. Learning these lessons will not only help us have faster and better progress in learning that specific instrument but can also give us a boost in life. Music is about the relationship between sound and silence – also the relationship of notes with each… Read More Self Growth & Development Through Learning Music

Why it’s harder for guitarists to sight-read

Sight-reading, déchiffrage (French), or prima vista (Italian) is the ability to read and simultaneously play/sing the music notation. This practice is more common for classical musicians. Just like any other skill, one needs the practice to improve this skill gradually (Click Here to learn how to improve your sight-reading). However, pianists, flutists, vocalists, and many… Read More Why it’s harder for guitarists to sight-read

Accessing all articles – technical issue

Hello folks, this website has been active since July 2012. Recently, due to some technical difficulties from the WordPress side, not all my articles (especially the old ones) are available as scrolling down stops at some point. This problem doesn’t allow the readers to see the older posts. Hopefully, WordPress is going to resolve this… Read More Accessing all articles – technical issue