Defining Art for Children

Here is a super-simplified guide for all the teachers and parents who care to educate their students/children about art:

Art helps you. Art makes you feel better. Art helps you understand better!

On the other hand, entertainment makes you a little happy or excited, only for a short time.

Art makes you happy for a long time, is good for you and it’s healthy. Sometimes, art makes you think or gives you ideas! Art can make questions for you too. Also, art can teach you something new!

Which one of these pictures do you think is a work of art? why?

Also, art is beautiful! Antonio Vivaldi composed this music 304 years ago, it still sounds beautiful! Have a listen:

Are all the “music” that we hear artistic? What are some music that are entertaining but not artistic?

Art takes time!

Artists learn skills and techniques. After that, they spend a lot of time thinking about what they want to create, what they want to express and how they want to express it. When they have an idea, they work hard and spend a lot of time to create a work of art.

Art is about creativity!

Artists can make a piece that is new and never made before!


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