With the new lifestyle that Corona virus has brought us, as well as new challenges, we might have time to do new things or achieve goals that we had little or no time for before. Of course, you may have more time to listen to music. So, here are some various playlists for you – from working time music to reflecting, contemplating, relaxing and sleeping music.

These playlists get updated regularly, so stay tuned!

Relaxing acoustic instrumentals, good for focusing and working from home – mostly easy-listening classical music works for piano and guitar.

Contemporary solo guitar works. There’s no better explanation than listening for yourself.

The repertoire that any guitarist (amateur or professional), guitar fan or classical music fan must listen to.

A great selection of Spanish music from the best guitarists and composers, traditional to contemporary.

Great collection of Latin Classical Music for Guitar.

The best of Solo Spanish works for guitar!

This playlist that will take you on a peaceful journey!

The Best of Solo Jazz pieces, meticulously selected! If you are a Jazz fan you shouldn’t miss this playlist.

You don’t want to miss the meticulously selected playlist, featuring the best artists and interpretations.

Another meticulous selection of works, this time for Acoustic Guitar!

A selection of easy-listening classical works.

A great selection of Folk songs on guitar, nylon, gut and steel strings.

Discover the best of finger-picking guitar songs/pieces.

Enjoy listening to the selection of peaceful and relaxing classical music works.

Ultimately, Sacred Classical Music collection.


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