Two Sides of the Art of Music

By having a quick and holistic look back at the history of music, we realize that music at the top level has always been considered divine and the means to connect the human soul to the source of all divinity and truth. The prodigies and masterminds that we still remember as great composers, the ones… Read More Two Sides of the Art of Music


Beethoven’s third Symphony ‘Eroica’ op.55 (First movement)

Introduction: Beethoven writes a letter to his friend in 1802 and mentions that he is not satisfied with his works so far (says Romain Rolland 1); what was going on? Yes, he was preparing to fly the music to new boundaries, during and even before the composition of 3rd symphony he was searching for ways… Read More Beethoven’s third Symphony ‘Eroica’ op.55 (First movement)