Music Suggestion No. 2

The second music suggestion is a late 13th century dance song in genre of troubadour dance (as talked about in “The story of music part 2” and “The story of music part 3“), called Kalenda maya (The first of May) by Raimbaut de Vaqueiras.

It has a strophic poem text and the familiar ABC musical form, each part is being repeated twice. Moreover,  the combination of the instruments, the gentle melody line, triple meter and dance like character of it might remind you of western folk songs. Specially, the beginning (A section) monotony melody that is accompanied by the the guitar at the end recalls the western movie soundtracks.

The C section features a more complex rhythm  and introduces an ostinato figure.

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One thought on “Music Suggestion No. 2

  1. Hey – thanks for broadening my horizons with this piece of music and your great explanation of what I was listening to. You remind me of what my Grandpa used to tell me – music is a langauge all of its own – if you can understand and speak this langauge you enter another world.

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