Music Suggestion No. 3

The third music suggestion is a 15th century (Renaissance) work, called “L’homme armé Mass” (The armed man Mass) written in 1460s by Guillaume Du Fay. “The Story of Music (part 4)” post talks about this era and the composer more.

“L’homme armé” was used so widely by the composers of the Renaissance era, and that’s why it is well remembered today.

Du Fay has used one of the most popular tune of the time for this piece. The Kyrie  has the overall four-voiced polyphonic texture.The non-imitative use of polyphony for this piece is also noteworthy.

He uses the familiar ABA form (3 sections) which corresponds to the structure of the text well.

Moreover, each section starts with fewer than four-voices, and then other voices come along.

Click here to access to the score of this piece.

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