Solo Guitar Album – Romantic to Contemporary Music – Available On All Major Distributors

My debut solo album (recorded in Hi-Res) is released and is available on all major distributors.

This album consists of original, French, Latin and Spanish music – featuring romantic, modern/20th Century and contemporary compositions. The order of the pieces is in such a way to take you through a journey of a different kind. In a way, all the pieces are connected and disconnected at the same time, the how is for you to discover.

It’s impossible to find the right words to describe music or a composition. As Victor Hugo said: “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” – So, I would like to invite you to go through this journey and trust your feelings and thoughts.  

About one of my compositions, I would like to share with you what made me write “Ocean”. Ocean is a piece that reflects my love for the underwater world, its peace and tranquility, depth and myth. During the past years, we have not been very kind to the big blue. Therefore, many species are endangered due to various reasons. Seagulls, whales, seals… have stomachs full of plastics. …Maybe nature is also giving us a sign of what is happening to humanity. Hopefully one day, the big blue will be as clean and authentic as it once was, just like it meant to be.

Bon voyage!

Now the album is available for download and listening on (click to open the link): Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Linktree and all the other major distributors. Have a listen and share with your friends!


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