Accessing all articles – technical issue

Hello folks, this website has been active since July 2012. Recently, due to some technical difficulties from the WordPress side, not all my articles (especially the old ones) are available as scrolling down stops at some point. This problem doesn’t allow the readers to see the older posts. Hopefully, WordPress is going to resolve this issue soon. But until then, you can access all articles by searching (on the top right) and clicking on the specific category or archive which is available on the right hand column.

I have contacted WordPress many times and have received no answer whatsoever… Back then when I started this website, WordPress was showing more respect and care for the users. Now that many people have chosen and trusted WordPress to launch their websites and blogs, WordPress has changed and downgraded its customer care to no customer care at all. The result is simple, many bloggers and website owners are changing their platforms and moving away from WordPress. Fortunately, there are many good alternatives out there.


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